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Main Page: Background Music Resource : Classical/Orchestral Music

Classical Music /Orchestral : European Music Tradition

Orchestral - Classical Background music. Renaissance, Impression, romantic, Chamber, Avant Garde

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Classical music gets its form from the educated European musical tradition that is influenced by both popular and folk music. It is often thought to represent the cultural history of Europe, America as well as other parts of the world. It is also fondly known as Orchestral Music. Orchestral comes from the word Orchestra which means a musical organization consisting of a group or instrumentalist. These two words are closely knitted a most orchestras play classical music.

Most of the early recordings and pieces played in concerts today are said to be dated since the 1600s. Classical music has indeed greatly influenced the development and growth of music, often being referred as the standard in music education.

Classical music as we know it today is very diverse and has many styles and takes many forms, including music from the Baroque period, Renaissance period, Impressionistic, Romanticism, Chamber to the experimental Avant-garde style.

Some reknown famous classical music composers include Mozart, Bach, Beethoven, Chopin and Stravinsky.

Most Classical Music are in public domain as their composers have passed on quite a number of years ago but this does not make most recordings of these works free from copyright. In fact, quite the contrary as most of the recordings of these public domain classical music works are copyrighted by the performers of the recordings. Eg. The London Symphonic's interpretation of Johann Pachelbel's Canon in D is copyrighted even though the composition now falls under public domain.

Below is a sample of some royalty free classical music favorites available in our library. You will find the every popular Sugar Plum Fairy, Flight of the Bumble Bee, Blue Danube and more all completely royalty free.

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Royalty Free Background Music is commonly use in commercials, multimedia projects & presentations. These music tracks are ready to be used and are often available in cut downs suitable for broadcast. Opuzz background music are completely royalty free and can be use in productions without having to pay any additional licensing fees. Background music  Since these background music tracks are 'buyout', you only pay once to use it as many times as you'd like. With the affordability & wide selection of background music by Opuzz, you can now purchase the perfect music tracks for your productions!

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