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Opuzz Production Music - Help - Security
Opuzz Production Music - Help - Security
Opuzz is committed to ensuring the security of all transactions made at its store, giving you a safe and secure, worry-free environment to shop for great music. All credit card and billing information provided by our customers is never handled by Opuzz but directly processed by PayPal and also 2CheckOut, our payment gateway partners that employ encryption technology to ensure a safe shopping environment for you. Together, Opuzz, PayPal and 2CheckOut make every effort to protect confidentiality and prevent the loss, misuse or alteration of information provided to us by you.

Safe Shopping
You will be able to tell if you are visiting a secure website using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) security by looking at the security indicator displayed by your browser. You will usually find the following icons displayed on the payment or final checkout page that requires you to enter sensitive information, such as your credit card and billing information:   Secure Icon   Secure Icon   Secure Icon

Opuzz Production Music - Help - Security - Fraud
Opuzz never shares, sells or gives out information of its customers to any parties unless authorized by the customer. The only time information is given out (which is authorized by the customer) is during the payment process whereby billing information is handed over to PayPal/2CheckOut and the customer's corresponding credit card company for processing.

If in any case, you may have wrongly been charged by Opuzz for a transaction you did not approve, please report it to Opuzz immediately and we will provided you with a refund to avoid charge back hassles that are lengthy. These cases of fraud are most often a result of having your credit card physically stolen or you may have made a prior purchase over an unsecured website or through phone, fax or other correspondence. Unscrupulous parties may have collected your credit card information to make purchases without your knowledge. The best action to take is to report such incidents to your credit card issuing company as well as report it to us to request for a refund. Opuzz will only entertain legitimate claims and reports.

Payment Process
All the payment processes occur so quickly and efficiently in the background that customers do not even realize what actually takes place at the back-end. The whole process is swift and seamless, and security is assured by PayPal and 2CheckOut for you, our customer. The following are simplified steps taken when a purchase is made from our store.

1. You logon to the Internet and visit Opuzz.
2. You search for music tracks in the library.
3. You add your music tracks to your Shopping Cart and proceed to checkout.
4. PayPal/2CheckOut issue an encrypted 'purchase token' containing your purchase details.
5. PayPal/2CheckOut decrypt and interpret the encrypted 'purchase token'.
6. PayPal/2CheckOut present the payment form to you at Opuzz.
7. You enter your credit card details & billing information and submit the form.
8. Your credit card is authorized.
9. Authorization is sent to PayPal/2CheckOut.
10. Acceptance confirmation is sent to Opuzz by PayPal/2CheckOut.
11. You will then receive a confirmation notice that your transaction has gone through successfully.
12. Fund transfer takes place.

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