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Music Loop
Music loop tracks are great when you need continuous music. These Music Loop tracks are produced specifically for the purpose of smooth, continuous playback or "looping". Each Music Loop is meticulously edited to ensure that a seamless piece of music is created when the track is looped. Music Loop tracks are available in lengths of about 8 to 20 seconds, depending on the musical context.

Download and listen to our Music Loop Demos below or start searching for royalty free music loops.

combining music loops
Here's an example of looping a Pop Rock music loop and a World Indian music loop:

Click below to
hear demos on:

Demo Music loops

Download this music loop demo
( 1.1Mb)
Tracks Used:

ROCK and WORLD track

Combined music loops
Figure 1: Using a single Music Loop to create continuous music (Listen to Music Loop Demo 1)

Mixing music loops
You can also mix different Music Loops together for more variation & flexibility. We've combined Rave, Dance & Techno music loops here ... check it out!

Click below to
hear demos on:

Music loop demos

Download this Music loop demo
Tracks Used:

Mixing music loops
Figure 2: Mixing different Music Loops together (Listen to Music Loop Demo 2)

Variety of music loops and styles
What is so unique about music loops by Opuzz is that they are available in a wide variety of styles - ranging from traditional Jazz to traditional Chinese, World music to Symphonic and more. 

It is often difficult to find music loops for other musical genres as they are mostly available in styles such as Pop, Dance, Soundscapes and the like. With music loops by Opuzz, you will be spoilt for choice.

Music loops

Most of the main tracks in our library have 2 or 3 Music Loops made up of usually the `verse', `chorus', `bridge' or `intro' of the particular track. This gives you a wider selection to choose from, depending on the mood you wish to set for your production.Looking for music loops of a similar rhythm, mood or style can be difficult. This is especially so if you have a production that needs several pieces of music with a similar feel.

With multiple music loops available for most of the tracks in our library, you will be able to find music loops with a cohesive sound and a similar 'feel' as they have been created from the same track.

When to use Music loops
Music loops for flash animations Flash Animations
Music loops for multimedia Multimedia Production
Music loops for websites Websites
Music loops for interactive productions Interactive Productions
Music loops for games Games
Music loops for webmercials "Webmercials"
Music loops for any production Any production requiring continuous background music!

Music loops give you...
Music loops made into continuous music Seamless continuous music
Music loops for long play music 'Long play' music with small file size
Easy Music loops for multimedia Ease of use in the multimedia development environment

See also:
sub mix Music loops Alternative Mixes
Music loops transitions Stingers

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