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Home Page > Opuzz Music Info Center > Royalty Free Music Uses : Broadcast TV and Radio Productions

Royalty Free Music Uses : Broadcast TV & Radio Productions

Opuzz Music Info Center
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When it comes to broadcast television or radio, everyone knows that a badly produced, boring ad with the oh-so-usual message would probably go unnoticed. It is imperative to have the right mix of a creatively crafted campaign backed by quality audio and/or visuals production. Music is almost all the time needed and cannot be understated in the process. Getting the right music can be as challenging as it is expensive. Aside from licensing from record labels, needle drop libraries or custom scoring, a good alternative is to use quality royalty free music. Finding a royalty free music library with good music can be your secret weapon to a successful campaign that costs much less without sacrificing quality in production. With no additional or re-occurring royalties and a one-time low fee, using royalty free music for your TV or radio broadcast productions is the smart way to go.

Here’s a list of TV and radio broadcast productions that you can use royalty free music:

• Commercials
• Jingles
• Documentary
• TV Series
• Background Music Soundtrack


In today’s competitive market, commercials are key to promoting one’s product or service. Consumers spend hours upon hours watching television and listening to the radio. To truly engage your audience and have them remember your name in a whirlwind of commercial breaks, you need to have a solid storyline and captivating visuals. Music is a key component to bring it all together. Finding the right high-quality royalty free music to match your commercials is easy with a comprehensive royalty free music library like Opuzz. With Opuzz, there are no additional royalty fees to be paid to performance rights organizations (PRO) which translates into enormous savings especially in broadcast productions.


Everyone in television or radio production knows the importance of jingles. You may wish to add a memorable slogan set to a catchy melody that can be a signature attached to your product or company. Jingles need not always have the usual happy, fun feel but can also be of a more classic or contemporary nature. You will find a wide variety of royalty free music styles available in a library like Opuzz. Simply add you own lyrics to these catchy royalty free tunes, and a memorable jingle is born.


Television networks, such as Discovery Channel, A&E, Court TV and HBO (just to name a few) have brought the documentary TV series genre to life! If you are creating a documentary for television or even a documentary film, you are bound to need lots of music. Turn your documentary into a well-crafted masterpiece by choosing the appropriate royalty free music for each intense, exciting or touching scene. Royalty free music offers a wide variety of musical styles that can play the simple part of background underscores to support your visuals as well as shine by enhancing the emotional connectivity between your audience and your documentary.

TV Series

All television producers realize that scoring for a TV series can be quite an expensive venture, especially if they were to use music from a record label or a needle drop library. It can be even more costly if they were to choose to go the route of having their music custom composed. You not only pay for composition fee but will need to pay reoccuring royalties for music used. Many producers today use a mix of both and purchase royalty free music to offset the high cost. With royalty free music, producers have a ready resource of pre-cleared music to choose from. With an extensive library like Opuzz that carries rich, moody tunes; calming background music; or thrilling chase numbers and more, you have a wealth of resource to set as background music scores to your pictures. Royalty free music offers television producers an eclectic mix of musical genres to use to evoke various moods, and engage their audience.

Background Music Soundtrack

Similar to movies, television series these days require plenty of high-quality music as background music to support each scene. Generally most television series have a smaller budget and using commercial music or music on a needle drop basis can be very costly. A main theme or soundtrack can cost even more. Royalty free music is a popular alternative to fill those silent moments and can even be used as a main theme with no additional cost aside from the fee to purchase the track. Imagine the possible savings from royalty payments for television series that are syndicated nationally; what more to say savings from worldwide syndication.

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