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Royalty Free Music Uses : Events

Opuzz Music Info Center
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Many would agree that a well-run event is lifeless without music. Music is the heartbeat of an event. Without it, weddings would be dance-less, award shows would be unexciting and seminars much less inspiring. However, if you are like most event promoters or coordinators, money may be an issue and staying within budget is almost impossible if you need to purchase costly music licenses from record labels your event. Well, we have the answer to this dilemma: royalty free music! Royalty free music is copyright-free, so there are no on-going fees or royalties to be paid. You do not have to spend thousands of dollars purchasing the rights from record labels to play their music. All you have to do is pay a one-time fee, and the song or songs are yours to use however you’d like. It’s really that simple.

Here's a list of possible events you can use Opuzz royalty free music for:

• General Events
• Launch Events
• Seminars
• Corporate Events
• Weddings
• Funerals
• Award Events
• Game Events
• Trade Shows

General Events

No matter what the event may be, royalty free music will enhance your production. High-quality background music is necessary to keep peoples’ moods elevated and their interests peeked. For example, let’s say you are planning a small office party. High-spirited, fun royalty free music will lift everyone’s spirits and keep co-workers in party mode.

Launch Events

Are you planning to launch a product or service? Well, royalty free music is key to establish the necessary high-energy feeling you want from your customers or attendees. You want excitement to circulate through the room. And, there is no better way to generate enthusiasm and anticipation than to play dramatic, stimulating music to arouse your guests.


Keep the audience’s attention and energy high with uplifting royalty free music. Play this type of music not only during breaks, but also during presentations themselves. By adding, then alternating music during various points of a PowerPoint presentation for example, your audience will remain alert and involved.

Corporate Events

As interesting as some corporate events can be, sometimes they can drag on, especially during the lunch hour. So, add some energetic music to the breaks, as well as throughout the presentations themselves. Premium corporate sounding royalty free music can elevate energy levels, as well as regain the attention of the audience.


A wedding just isn’t any fun for your guests without the appropriate music. A mix of romantic and passionate slow dance numbers and fun, catchy pop tunes will turn a humdrum wedding into a high-energy dance club in no time. Simply purchase a couple of royalty free music CDs for one-time fee, and use the songs you now own at the wedding or for wedding videos.


A funeral is a sad event, but you can add some positively to the service by selecting appropriate music to a personal slideshow of the deceased. This kind of gesture speaks volumes to family members who want to remember their loved one in moments of happiness. Royalty free music can help them feel connected to a picture montage.

Award Events

Dramatic. Exhilarating. Spectacular. This is what award shows should be. And, without music, award shows wouldn’t be half as exciting. Just think about the Academy Awards without its theatrical musical themes. It would be a yawn-fest! This is why it is imperative to add music to your award events. Royalty free music orchestrated for dramatic suspense and action will breathe life into your ceremonies.

Game Events

What is a baseball game without the motivating musical cheers? What is a basketball game without the sounds of a band? A game event is not a game event without a rousing musical score. By purchasing a royalty free music CD of marching band and fanfare compositions, you will engage the audience and evoke feelings of team patronage and excitement.

Trade Shows

Even though trade shows typically provide a certain genre of merchandise, they serve a large number of diverse shoppers with various musical preferences. But one thing is shared by all: these folks appreciate a pleasant atmosphere and stress-free environment. Appropriate royalty free music can pacify shoppers, as well as inspire them to purchase the products they need.

So, whatever the event, royalty free music can establish the necessary mood without the exorbitant costs.

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