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Royalty Free Music Uses : Film

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A film without music is like hymn without melody—lifeless. Could you imagine what a film like Braveheart would be without its rousing film score? I doubt it would have been as exciting and inspiring without the music. So, if you are a filmmaker, you may be wondering how to incorporate such magnificent score into your own movies without spending a fortune. Have you considered royalty free music? Unlike music that belongs to the record labels or needle drop music libraries, royalty free music is pre-cleared for immediate use. Of course the most attractive feature is of course the no royalty fees terms. You simply pay a one-time fee and the music is yours forever, to use however you’d like in your film, soundtrack, documentary, trailer and more. Here's good place to start looking for film style royalty free music.

Here's a list of film types you can use Opuzz royalty free music for:

• Feature Film
• Movie Trailer
• Film Festival
• Documentary Film
• Movie Soundtrack
• Short Film
• Student Film

Feature Film

As mentioned above, scoring a feature film can be quite expensive if you were to use commercial music or music from a record label. It can be even more costly (not to mention very time-consuming) if you were to hire a composer to score your movie. That's fine if you have a large enough budget and a team to help you with music supervision. So, what’s a filmmaker to do if your resources are limited? A good alternative is to use inexpensive royalty free music. With royalty free music you have comprehensive genres of music to choose from. From hear-pounding war soundtracks to romantic compositions, whimsical pieces, music from the 70s or poignant numbers that can move an audience to tears. Whatever mood you want to express, find royalty free music from Opuzz to bring your pictures to life.

Movie Trailer

Movie trailers are what brings people into theaters. Therefore, many movie trailers incorporate some of the best, most compelling scenes a film has to offer. So, what better way to capture your audience’s attention than to integrate high-impact music into those gripping scenes or appropriate scores into those intriguing snap shots of your film? By using royalty free music in a movie trailer, you’ll pump up your audience while saving big bucks!

Film Festival

Are you planning on organizing a film festival? Keep in mind that during intervals and even breakout sessions or seminars, music is important to keep you audience and participants excited and engaged. Use high-spirited royalty free music before the premiere of a long-awaited film. If award ceremonies are planned, play theatrical movie themes. And, if you are honoring talented directors or actors, use dramatic, emotional music to present them.

Documentary Film

Documentaries are full of critical themes and magical moments. Be sure your musical score reflects the importance of your film. You can easily turn your documentary into a well-crafted masterpiece by choosing the right royalty free music for each affecting scene. Royalty free music offers a wide variety of styles, melodies, and even sound atmospheres that will enhance the emotional connectivity between audience and film.

Movie Soundtrack

Nowadays, the soundtrack can be as profitable as the feature film itself. Millions of dollars are generated through movie soundtracks. By using royalty free music, you are exempted from paying royalties that you would have to pay if using commercial music or music from needle drop libraries. This can equate to tremendous savings and earnings from using royalty free music as soundtracks for your movies.

Short Film

Let’s say your short film is a comedy-driven animated skit with little words. Think what the right kind of music could do for the mood of your film! Use fun, upbeat comedy music to match your short film’s personality. Excite as well as entertain your audience with quality background music to your short masterpiece. Increase your viewer’s interest in your film with the appropriate royalty free music.

Student Film

If you are like most film students, money is an issue. Purchasing music from record labels, paying astronomical fees to use their songs in your films and reoccurring royalties if or when your film takes off is often out of the question. Well, with royally free music, you don’t have to spend a fortune to create a moving score for your film. Creating custom soundtracks with 'pro bono' help from composers/friends is of course an option but you often don’t know how your music will turn out or have say to what you want as commenting on someone’s musical composition or ability can be tough. With royalty free music, you’ll know exactly what you get as all our music can be previewed and downloaded in full before purchase. Simply pay a one-time fee for music you will use only, stay within budget and have your film career take off.

So, forget about spending thousands of dollars hiring a composer or buying music from record labels or needle drop music libraries. By simply using royalty free music in your films you can cut the cost of your music bill tremendously and still have the same high-quality music.

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