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Royalty Free Music Uses : In-Store Music

Opuzz Music Info Center
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A welcoming in-store atmosphere is necessary to create a positive retail experience for your customers. Whether you run a supermarket, resort, bank or transportation station, courteous service is not the only thing that ensures happy customers. You should play appropriate background music that compliments the mood or nature of your business. However, as many business owners and managers already know, using commercial music as background in-store music owned by large record companies can be very expensive. You are required to pay yearly fees to performance rights organizations (PRO) when using commercial music. So, instead of paying these hefty reoccurring fees, why not use royalty free music instead? You only pay a one-time fee to be able to use royalty free music for as long as you’d like. Royalty free music from Opuzz for in-store music works on a direct blanket license model where Opuzz directly assigns you rights to you our music without having to pay fees to royalty collection agencies (PRO) like ASCAP or BMI.

Here's a list of possible places you can use Opuzz royalty free music in:

• Department Stores
• Supermarkets & Grocery Stores
• Banks
• Hotels & Motels
• Resorts
• Transportation Stations (Airports, Train Stations & Bus Terminals)

Department Stores

Although most may think commercial music is the default music to use in your stores, many department stores today are using royalty free music instead to save on costly royalty fees. Different stores may have different objectives when it comes to playing music and today’s royalty free music libraries have good selection to meet those requirements. Some may want a stress-free retail experience for their customers with light, easy listening music while others may want to exude a more hip image with contemporary or possibly rock, funk or hip hop tracks. During festive seasons, playing appropriate holiday music helps get store patrons in the mood and keep them in shopping spirits. With a one-time fee, you’ll never need to rely on commercial music ever to meet your store’s music needs.

Supermarkets & Grocery Stores

For many people, grocery shopping is a routine errand - a necessity rather than a choice. For others, it is a family event saved for the weekend. But no matter how this task in viewed, everyone wants to shop a pleasant environment. So, to make grocery shopping more enjoyable for their customers, many owners and managers of supermarkets and grocery stores play appropriate music during business hours. Even small one-store stores or specialty stores today find it necessary to play background music instead of leaving background silence with noise from backroom operations, kitchen or traffic noise from the street to flow into your store space. Use royalty free in-store music to your advantage. Be it serene and easy going background music or fun and upbeat music to get your customers shopping faster and purchasing more, royalty free music is an inexpensive way to set appropriate moods for your store’s shopping experience.


Relaxed. Comforting. Calm. Dependable. These are all words to describe an ideal banking environment. For many folks, doing banking errand can be monotonous, time-consuming or even stressful. Banks today are consistently looking for ways to improve their customers' banking experience. Putting their clients at ease with calming, soft background music is necessary. Harsh cold lighting, furnishings and silence are a thing of the past. It may also be inappropriate to play music with singing as it can often be distracting to conversations and consulting services taking place. Royalty free music offers many different genres of soothing background music, from classical compositions and light piano arrangements to airy calm background music tracks to help create a professional environment.

Hotels & Motels

Both hotels and motels must accommodate a plethora of personalities each year. From the tired professionals staying overnight on business to the energetic bridesmaids that are in town for a wedding, these establishments must cater to all kinds of people. Set a pleasant lobby atmosphere for your guests using royalty free music without having to pay costly licensing or royalty fees. Instrumental background music is a safe bet to accommodate a host of guest from all backgrounds.


Resorts have become popular all-in-one getaways for families, honeymooners, students, couples or anyone that is looking to a good time be it relaxing and kicking back or having plenty of adventure, excitement and fun. Resort owners and managers are always on a look out for ways to improve the overall experiences their guest have at their resorts. Since so many activities and spaces within a resort requires background music to be played on a continual basis, many have turn to royalty free music to reduce their expenditure on licensing music. Having a comprehensive music library that is royalty free as a dedicated resource can save you thousands every year. Opuzz has just that in our comprehensive hard drive system that is sold on a buyout one-time basis.

Transportation Stations (Airports, Train Stations & Bus Terminals)

Traveling can be an exciting time for many people, but for others it can be a stressful event especially for tired business travelers or those with small children. Airports, train stations and bus terminals serve millions of diverse people daily. Many travelers or commuters spend hours waiting for their means of transportation to arrive. So, in order to relax and provide a more pleasant atmosphere, many transportation stations opt to play soft soothing instrumental background music instead of playing the radio (which may not be suitable as there are often ads, music with singing and deejays doing their runs), or playing nothing at all and leaving busy noises from travelers, vehicles and more to fill the sound space. As these stations usually serve hundreds of thousands or even millions of travelers or commuters everyday, licensing music the traditional way can be very costly as fees are calculated based on several criterias including average number of listeners, geographical coverage, frequency and etc. Alternatively use royalty free music. You’ll save on reoccurring fees and you’ll only need to pay a one-time fee to use the music.

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