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Home Page: Opuzz Music Info Center : Stinger
Stinger Opuzz Music Info Center
Stingers are edits from the original music track and are only few seconds long.

Download Stinger demos below:

Opuzz Stinger Demo 1
Click below to
hear demos on:

(previously called Transitions)

Opuzz Stinger Demo 1
Tracks Used:

Come Here
Grand Entrance
6 String Swing
Latest Update
Cool As Blue

Opuzz Stinger Demo 2
Here's an example of using a Stingers as an ending to a music track.

Click below to
hear demos on:

(previously called Transitions)

Opuzz Stinger Demo 2
Tracks Used:

Stomping Blues

Opuzz Stinger Figure 1
Figure 1: Use Stingers as ending to a track (Listen to Stinger Demo 2)

Opuzz Stinger Demo 3
Use Stingers between segments.

Click below to
hear demos on:

(previously called Transitions)

Opuzz Stinger Demo 3
Tracks Used:
Edged Out
Always Forever
Latest Update

Opuzz Stinger Figure 2
Figure 2: Use Stinger between two tracks (Listen to Stinger Demo 3)

Intro, Transitioning and Returns

Stingers can be used as intros into a new segment of, say the news, or as a lead-in into a commercial break, or in a multi-section video. Stingers are also great to use during scene changes or in between sections of different productions. Stingers add flavor and often times act as a cue to inform the viewers or listeners of the start of a show or return from a commercial break.

Perfect Endings with Stingers

As Stingers contain most of the elements of the original track. They therefore also make great endings for your music tracks.

Creative Stinger Uses
Stingers do make great extra short promos or when accompanying voice-over stating a company's tagline. Creatively find ways to use Stingers in live dramas or theater show or even before your monologue begins. There are numerous ways and places to use Stingers to enhance your production or presentation.

Stinger Uses
When returning from commercials
During News spots
When transitioning from one track to another
When transitioning from one show segment to another
Use as ending to a track

See also:
Music Loops

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