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I hereby agree to pay the amount indicated in the Talent's Rates Table within the number of days to be determined by the Talent, otherwise a late payment charge of 5% compounded monthly will apply. It is mutually understood that all services ordered shall be direct transactions and obligations between the hired Talent and myself, and not subject to confirmation, approval, or payment of my client or other third party. The hired Talent reserves and maintains all rights to the products and services until full payment for services are received. In the event payment is not paid in full within sixty (60) days of the session, the invoice and the project covered shall be considered in default and in breach of the agreed upon terms and conditions. In such case, all rights for continued use of the product and services are suspended until payment in full is received by the Talent. Media in market of usage will be so notified of such suspension, and you accept full responsibility for all expenses, including legal fees, court costs...etc. incurred by Opuzz Inc. and/or the talent in the collection of this delinquency and/or its enforcement of its copyrights and remedies. It is mutually understood that Opuzz Inc. is not responsible for any actions/inactions, inabilities or incompatibilities of the said Talent.

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